Monday, October 19, 2015

Aerial Photo Update from Sunday, August 30, 2015...

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As always, I hope you enjoy the view from above

#1 - Looking north at Great Adventure
and Hurricane Harbor

#2 - Looking at the theme park and
part of the Safari in the distance

#3 - Batman: The Ride and Nitro's
entrance is seen here

#4 - Hurricane Harbor had quite
a crowd, whereas the park was
quite empty
  The following (9) photos show the site preparations
for the parks Summer 2016 newest coaster,
Total Mayhem; this includes demolishing the
Grandstand by the Lake and Fort Independence

#5 - Looking at Fort Independence,
fountain and entrance to the park



#9 - Description Description

#10 - Description Description



#14 - Saw Mill Log Flume


See you after the next flight...

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