Friday, June 7, 2019

Aerial Photo Update from Friday, June 7, 2019...

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As always, I hope you enjoy the view from above


Today I was on assignment shooting aerials for a client,
with some being a specific attraction in Great Adventure.


Site preparation for the Hilton Garden Inn and
Sports/Entertainment complex along Route 537
in Jackson, NJ, adjacent to Great Adventure



Hurricane Harbor Water Park

#4 - Solar panels over some of the parking lot

#5 - Wacky, colorful slides

#6 - "Strange" shape in the middle of a pool;
almost looks like a creature
Great Adventure employee parking lot
is now covered with Solar Panels

For all of you die-hard Great Adventure fans,
here is a look at the park's "Bone Yard",
featuring rides (or parts of them) of yesteryear.
This area is hidden from the public,
but not from Flyin Phil...See how many rides
you can pick out.  I located the Joust-A-Bout
and the Enterprise (Spin Meister)

Have Fun !!!











These photos feature the park's newest attraction:
Wonder Woman...The world's tallest pendulum ride,
Opening Saturday, June 8, 2019...

Luckily it was testing when I flew over.







See you after the next flight...

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